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What’s Driving You Crazy? The Michigan left

TUCSON – The Michigan left is what’s driving this News 4 Tucson viewer crazy.
“We are forced to go out of our way to avoid these intersections, adding more is a waste of taxpayer funds,” said viewer Ron.
Several studies have been done by Tucson Department of Transportation.
Within a three year period, they found that crashes decreased from 178 to 48, when there was a Michigan left.
The goal is to keep pedestrians from getting hit. It also allows drivers to get through the intersections faster, since there is a longer through time. Mike Graham from TDOT said Michigan lefts will be installed.
“As we proceed east with the widening of grant road, i believe there is approximately six more indirect lefts will be installed through that grant corridor.”

What’s Driving You Crazy? Let Allie Potter know

Allie Potter

Allie Potter

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