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What’s Driving You Crazy? HAWK beacon

TUCSON – News 4 Tucson viewer Steve wrote, “People don’t seem to know whether to stop or go at the flashing red lights.”
It all started in the late 1990’s when the City of Tucson introduced the hawk beacon to help increase pedestrian safety.
Through studies, the city found a 90% compliance rate between motorist allowing pedestrians to cross. Where the regular crosswalks without the beacon, were a 60% compliance.
Right now, there is around 125 hawk crossings throughout Tucson but many drivers get confused on what to do when they see the lights.
“When the pedestrian activates the push button at the crossing, the light will flash yellow to get the driver’s attention there is about to be a traffic,” said Tucson Department of Transportation Public Information Officer Michael Graham.
Pedestrians will then see solid yellow light which turns into a solid red light. That allows the pedestrian to cross the road while drivers are stopped.
After that is a flashing red light.
“You are to stop and make sure the pedestrian has cleared the crosswalk before proceeding,” said Graham.

“What’s Driving You Crazy?”

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