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What’s Driving You Crazy: Mary Ann Cleveland Way

TUCSON — Mary Ann Cleveland Way is What’s Driving You Crazy.

Many of you live along Atterbury Wash Way and have concerns going from your subdivision onto Mary Ann Cleveland.

Tucson Department of Transportation says they have seen a lot of growth on the southeast side especially, off Mary Ann Cleveland. They did an analysis.

Public Information Officer, Michael Graham said, “Showed a big delay of people being able to get out of the subdivision heading N/B to turn left bound onto Mary Ann Cleveland Way. So we saw a lot of a delay from that N/B to W/B movement. We’ve had several crashes in the area.”

T-DOT is installing a new traffic light on Mary Ann Cleveland and Atterbury. Crews are working Monday through Friday 5 a.m. to 3 p.m. until mid-July.

What’s Driving YOU Crazy? Send your traffic questions or concerns to Allie Potter:

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