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The cold Pueblo

Call it weather whiplash!

We've been hard-pressed to keep the mercury below 100 degrees for much of October, and for the cooler periods of the month, below 95 has been a challenge.

Enter tonight and tomorrow night.

A Freeze Warning has been issued for Tucson overnight Monday and Tuesday. Most spots in the City likely bottom out in the mid-30s, but areas away from the City, and low lying areas could reach freezing cold.

Meanwhile a Hard Freeze Warning has been issued for areas SE of town, where the mercury could plummet into the upper teens for nighttime lows.

Here's an illustration of how long it's been since SE Arizona saw such cold Temperatures.

This polar plunge won't last long, as an area of high pressure will move back into the region and propel our temps back into the upper 80s to possibly 90 degrees by next week.

Enjoy this taste of Winter while it lasts!

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Matt Brode

Chief Meteorologist Matt Brode has been affiliated with News 4 Tucson since 2006. He holds his AMS seal of approval and is a proud graduate of The University of Arizona with a degree in Atmospheric Sciences. He is happily married to his wife Ana Maria and proud father to David and Alexa.

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