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The 90s are roaring back

TUCSON – It’s been a relatively warm April so far with the average temperature 1.5 degrees above April standards. Oddly enough TUS has only recorded four days with temperatures above the 90 degree mark. All of these occurrences have happened during the month of April.

With just a week left of the month this number is about to go up. A large area of high pressure will build overhead Thursday through the end of the weekend and propel temperatures well into the 90s.

Friday looks to be the hottest of these days as 97 degree weather is in the forecast. Mid low-to-mid 90s should stick around through the weekend before an area of low pressure moves to the north and cools us back into the 80s to conclude the month of April.

So it looks safe to conclude that we will make it through the month of April without reaching triple digits.

According to Chief Meteorologist Matt Brode the average first triple digit day arrives on May 18th.

Zach Garcia

Zach Garcia

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