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Jeff Beamish says goodbye to Tucson

How can I summarize 11 years at KVOA in one post? I’ll do my best.

Back in 2007, I arrived in Tucson as a kid fresh out of St. Cloud State University. After graduation, I took the first flight out of Minneapolis to the Old Pueblo.

What a journey it’s been since.

I leave Tucson as a husband AND a father. Crazy. This city has given us the best 11 years of our lives. My family and I are forever indebted.

Thank you to the viewers who allowed me into their homes. You put your trust in me during Monsoon, heat waves and winter storms. I wasn’t always accurate, but I hope I have served you well in this capacity.

Thank you to Cathie Batbie and Bill Shaw at KVOA. They took a chance on me and in the process, opened up doors I never knew existed. I’m a better meteorologist because of KVOA.

To the teachers and school districts across southern Arizona, thank you for allowing me into your classrooms. The best part of this job was being able to share my passion for meteorology with thousands of kiddos. I can only hope that maybe one or two kids decide to be meteorologists.

My wife and my daughter: I know the many 2:30 AM alarms were tough through the years. But your unconditional love and support made waking up that early just a little easier. I cannot wait to start this new journey with both of you in San Francisco.

Many have been asking what that new journey will be. To be announced at a later time. To the surprise of nobody, it’s something in meteorology.

But now’s not the time for that. Rather, this is the time for me to reflect and express my gratitude for 11 wonderful years in Tucson.

I know it’s cliche, but this is not goodbye. I’ll still be on Twitter. We’ll be back to visit. And we’ll be rooting on the Cats and the Roadrunners in the Bay Area.

Tucsonans make this move bittersweet. We will always have a soft spot for the Old Pueblo in our hearts. We’ll see you later, Tucson.

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