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Geminid meteor shower: How and when to watch

TUCSON – The annual Geminid meteor shower will peak Thursday night into Friday morning. This promises to be a spectacular light show.

During the early morning hours of December 14th the Earth will travel through the debris of asteroid 3200 Phaethon. Viewing at this time will be the best opportunity to observe the meteors. However, you can begin seeing meteors as early as Thursday evening.

According to 60-120 meteors per hour will be possible under a faint crescent moon.

Conditions will be clear for viewing. Cloud cover will increase Friday morning, but it isn’t expected to move into the area until sunrise.

Keep in mind, temperatures will be chilly. Temperatures are expected to drop to the 20s and 30s across Southern Arizona

For a more detailed explanation on the annual meteor show click here. 

Lauren Moss

Lauren Moss

KWWL News Anchor and Multimedia Journalist
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