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Tucson man creates website to keep bicyclists safe

TUCSON – A Tucson man is working to keep bicyclists safer through a new interactive website. The site gives bike riders a chance to find safer and quieter cycling routes, and listed bike lanes and crosswalks in the area.

Dylan Cobean, an avid biker and founder of Tucson Pathways said he created the website because he saw the need first hand. The site was launched in October after a year of development.

“I made this to try and get the word out to people who want to ride bikes but are intimidated to because of safety,” Cobean said. “There are networks of roads that are quiet residential streets that are interconnected by these push-button crosswalks to where you can commute. If you are new to biking, you still can commute and do it safely through town.”

The interactive map shows all of Tucson’s residential roads, illustrating where push-button crosswalks are located and streets that have less traffic.

“Biking is an incredible positive feedback loop,” Cobean said. “It gets you healthier. It improves air quality. It improves community development. It is something that will help save the planet if more people ride.”

Besides the positive effects on the environment, he said this new website will also help cyclists to stay safe. In 2019 alone, there have been six biking fatalities, according to Tucson Police Department.

“I’ve even had friends already tell me that they’ve gone on more bike rides or realized they can get from their place to there local coffee shop or something without driving and they’ve done it,” Cobean said. “I just feel like that right there is enough to make doing this worth it.”

To check out the website, visit

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