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Local tech-start up focused on helping farmers save water with drones

TUCSON – A local Tucson start-up tech company will attend the Arizona Farm Bureau conference in Phoenix, Ariz. to talk to over 15,000 Arizona farmers on how to save water with drones on Nov. 13 – Nov. 15.

Farm Flight is a company that focuses its efforts to help farmers cut costs and increase yields.

The company uses drones to scan fields to then create a 3D map of an entire farm which will show where water could be settling or running off.

While the drone does this, it also captures near-infrared data coming off the plants which lets farmers know how plants are performing and where crops are struggling.

Farm Flight is also partnered with Agremo, a tech company that analyzes farm fields with machine learning and a staff of agricultural experts.

Agremo’s data provides insights such as weed count, pest detection, and water logging alerts using the data from Farm Flight’s drones.

The data even includes the number of crops that are growing in that field.

Overall, the results save farmers money on water and pesticides because farmers can target exact section of a field with ultimate accuracy, according to the Farm Flight press release.

On average, over 60 percent of water used in farming goes to waste.

This is detrimental, especially, in the American southwest, for several reasons.

The Colorado River supplies 36 percent of all of the water used in Arizona.

However, the river has been under drought conditions for the past 19 years, and this directly affects farmers.

In addition to that, it also affects everyone who purchases fresh produce because this issues raises prices.


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