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House Democrats release transcripts in impeachment inquiry

(NBC News) Facing increasing pressure with the ongoing impeachment inquiry about to go public, President Donald Trump is back on the attack, insisting the investigation doesn’t have him worried.

“I have no problem releasing it. I’m very transparent. Nobody is more transparent than I am,” Mr. Trump said.

Despite that claim, his administration has been blocking witness testimony, including Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, who skipped his deposition today.

Regardless, the Democrats’ case is moving forward, as lawmakers released two new transcripts today from Fiona Jill, a former White House Russia advisor and Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, an army officer on the National Security Council.

Both say they reported concerns that the Trump administration was pressuring Ukraine to open politically-motivated investigations.

The impeachment inquiry will continue to ramp up next week, when House Democrats hold their first public hearings.


NBC News

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