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Decision 2019: Tucson elects first Latina mayor

TUCSON – Tucson made history Tuesday night, electing former city council member Regina Romero as mayor.

She’s the first woman and Latina to hold the city’s highest elected office.

According to unofficial results, Romero won with nearly 56 percent of the vote, with just over 47,000 votes.

“Tucson is ready for it. Tucson saw in me, the experience, the vision, the passion to get it done and I’m looking forward to it, it’s amazing,” said Romero.

During her speech, Romero reached out to those who did not support her campaign.

“We’re going to need all the help that we can,” she said. “Every single person in this community whether they voted for me, or not, will be part of our platform.”

According to The Associated Press, Tucson’s last Hispanic mayor was Estevan Ochoa, who was elected in 1875 — nearly four decades before Arizona became a state and just 21 years after the United States bought Southern Arizona, including Tucson, from Mexico in the Gadsden Purchase.

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Independent Ed Ackerley received nearly 40 percent of the vote. Green Party candidate Mike Cease got less than 4 percent.

For more about Decision 2019, click HERE.

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