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Historic bungalows moving back for Broadway widening project

TUCSON – Historic bungalows that sit right off Broadway Boulevard are being moved back in an effort to be preserved since the project to widen Broadway between Euclid Avenue and Country Club Road has been set to begin next year.

The bungalows are estimated to have been built over 100 years ago.

“We at Rio Nuevo have entered into a intergovernmental agreement with the Regional Transportation Authority of the City of Tucson,” said Edmund Marquez, a board member of Rio Nuevo District. “So that we could have control of the bungalows and effectively be in a position in which we could move them back and save the bungalows.”

The project will take several months as workers carefully relocate each bungalow.

“Just this baby right here is going to take about a month to move,” said Javier Santamaria, a construction worker. “It’s the oldest one and the biggest house.”

So how do you move a home that weighs an estimated 50 tons?

“We’re making holes on the bottom of the houses,” said Santamaria, “so we can slide the houses through and then they’re going to be slid to the back all the way to the back of the ally.”

“The foundations are going to be poured and then they’re going to be moved back and set on top of the foundations,” said Santamaria.

For some Tucson residents, it’s a great solution to keep Tucson’s history.

“They’re a big part of our town, so it’s kind of interesting that they want to save them,” said Santamaria. “They’ve been there longer than most of us, so they’re worth keeping.”

Drivers will see construction start in January 2020 with more lanes and improved signals.

According to the City of Tucson, the Broadway widening project will cost taxpayers a little over $70 million. This comes from a half-cent sales tax which was approved in 2006.

Rio Nuevo will post a video of the relocation of the bungalows within the next few days.

You can watch by clicking here.

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