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Bobcat breaks into woman’s home in Picture Rocks

PICTURE ROCKS, Ariz. – A Picture Rocks woman got the shock of her life this past weekend after a feline intruder made its way into her home.

Donna Zeidel said when she heard a loud noise inside her house, she originally thought someone was breaking in. She said she immediately retrieved her firearm to defend herself.

When she went into the hallway, she saw the screen of a small window was broken off. She then realized it was likely something – not someone – that had come in.

“I walked into my closet. I was looking up and looking down,” she said. “And there, in the left-hand corner, it was a bobcat. It was a bobcat that had broken into my house.”

Unsure what to do, Zeidel called a wildlife rescue. She was eventually directed to Animal Experts, Inc.

Zeidel said the bobcat remained huddled in the closet until the professionals arrived.

“It was quite an adventure,” she said. “I wasn’t afraid because I sort of felt that the bobcat was scared, and he was going to stay where he was.”

The bobcat was unharmed in the removal process. The desert dweller was released in the same area.

Zeidel said she is used to wildlife in her neck of the woods, but her third encounter of the feline kind is something she will not soon forget.

“I was stupefied,” she said. “That’s his corner, bobcat corner.”

While we know some of you are sitting around watching football on this fine Sunday this is an example of what Marc and I do on our Sundays. We realized early on that bobcats aren’t much for respecting our leisure time. This one actually managed to knock loose one of the window screens to gain access to the house.FYI,The bobcat cat was released outside at the same location.

Posted by Animal Experts, Inc. on Sunday, October 20, 2019








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