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Trade deal has impact on Arizona consumers, companies

TUCSON — Experts say the proposed new trade deal between the United States, Mexico and Canada has a definite impact on Arizona consumers and companies.

The deal, known as USMCA, has already been signed by the leaders of the three nations. But it still needs to be ratified by Congress.

“The US Chamber of Commerce says that over 700 thousand jobs in Arizona are directly related to traded industries,” said UA School of Government and Public Policy Professor Jeff Kucik. “So trade matters for everyone, and the importance of the USMCA is that it’s not just about trade promotion, it’s about increasing stability in the marketplace.”

The issue of trade is a big one for agriculture companies along the US-Mexico border. It’s also a topic of concern for many companies hit by tariffs on steel and aluminum.

“In the Tucson area, we’ve seen everyone from Caterpillar to local craft brewers express concern about uncertainty over trade policy and the higher prices that they’re causing,” said Kucik. “So this is really an issue that matters for the entire state.”


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