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UA students protest on campus in response to alleged hate crime

TUCSON — Hundreds of University of Arizona students stood in solidarity, demanding answers from the university police department and university president, Robert Robbins, Friday afternoon.

Some students feel outraged, others disgust, in reaction to an alleged hate crime happening just outside a dorm Tuesday night.

“If an African American or someone of different decent was to have done this incident, something would have already happened, they would have been in jail already,” UA sophomore Bryce Williams said.

On Friday, University of Arizona Police arrested Matthew Frazier and Matthew Rawlings in connection with an assault on a black student outside a dorm on Tuesday night.

Sophomore Kavida Murray said of the alleged hate crime, she’s disgusted.

“That could have been me,” Murray said. “That could be my two other black friends. That’s so important especially because it was a racial attack. There’s video evidence of these boys calling the young man these racial slurs. I want to know that UAPD is going to protect me. I want to know that if something happens, I’m going to be safe.”

Murray said this crime illustrates a lack of progress on race relations.

“You know, segregation ended 55 years ago, slavery ended 154 years ago, she said. “It’s just so sad to see so much time has passed and nothing has changed.”

Eric Fink

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