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E-scooters can now be found around Tucson

TUCSON – Razor and Bird electronic scooters were introduced to the downtown Tucson and Fourth Avenue area Thursday.

As part of a 6-month pilot program, 1,500 e-scooters will be deployed around the city to see if they are a right fit for Tucson. Razor and Bird are both permitted to have 750 scooters in the area. After the six-month period, an evaluation period will occur and the city will decide whether to renew the program another six months.

Users are able to access the e-scooters through mobile apps, website or service number.

Tucson joins a list of several cities that already have the dockless scooters, meaning riders can simply place the scooter wherever. A restriction is in place that if a scooter is parked inappropriately, the customer is alerted that they have two hours to move the scooter.

Tucson City Council approved the program in a 5-2 vote back in March.

Electronic scooters have been banned on the University of Arizona campus.

Hector Ponce

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