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Man who pleaded guilty to killing Nogales officer to be sentenced

TUCSON – On Wednesday, the man who pled guilty to killing a Nogales Police Officer will be sentenced.

Back in August, 29-year-old David Murillo plead guilty to 39 different charges from first-degree murder to kidnapping.

According to police reports, Murillo called for a taxi on April 27 of last year to take him to Patagonia Lake. Police said he showed his gun and told the driver he was robbing him. Court documents say Murillo fired his gun into the floorboard, disabling the car and fleeing. Murrillo then reportedly went on to threaten other people with his gun and attempt numerous carjackings.

Nogales Police Officer Jesus Cordova responded to the scene trying to stop Murillo and pulled him over.

Ultimately leading to Murillo jumping out of a stolen car and firing his weapon several times at Cordova who later died from his injuries.

After sentencing, the victim’s family is expected to make a statement along with the Nogales Police Chief.

Denelle Confair

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