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New Year, Time to Save: 4 Steps to Put You on a Path to Financial Freedom

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With every New Year we are presented with an opportunity for change. We step back, take stock of our lives and examine what works and what doesn’t. The momentum of hope and possibility can propel us forward with a desire to make improvements in our lives. No one area deserves our attention more than our finances. Out with the old, in with the new—let’s ditch our old money habits like yesterday’s garbage.

Where to Start

Everyone no matter how much money you make has at least one bad spending habit. Some of us tend to spend more than we make or, perhaps, we spend our hard earned money on expenditures that don’t set us up for success. Regardless of yours, change is possible. Here are four steps you can take right now to set you up for financial success.

  1. Acknowledge your worst spending habit.
  2. Try to calculate what you spent on that habit last year.
  3. This year, spend only cash on that habit, which means don’t swipe your card.
  4. Aim to spend a third if not half of that amount monthly this year.

Hope on the Horizon

If we added up just one bad habit monthly you’d notice in your own finances that you likely spend anywhere from 3-15% of your income yearly on it. Breaking it can add up to a tremendous amount of savings.

The key to success is to never give up even if you slip or fall short. Consider your financial health a marathon instead of a sprint. Treat each month as a new beginning and start over. Rinse and repeat.

Small Rewards

Use some of that extra money and put it in a sock draw. As that money adds up you’ll be motivated by the momentum. Start adding a little more. Finally, at the end of year, use some of it to treat yourself for all of your hard work. Everyone deserves a little pat on the back. Acknowledge your achievement and prepare yourself mentally to do the work again.

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