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PHOTOS: A trip to Whitewater Draw

Local photographer Greg McCown and his family went on a short road trip to Whitewater Draw near McNeal.

McCown, who is usually chasing storms, was on a different mission for this trip –he wanted to see birds.

Whitewater Draw is “typically thought of as a major roost site for Sandhill Crane,” according to the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

“There was a low roar of bird noises as we approached and every so often a group of birds would rise up and fly off. But then we saw the hoards of birds all clustered together,” McCown wrote. “It seemed to go for miles.”

AGFD says the number of wintering sandhill cranes in the area has increased in the 1950s. They believe the increase is in response “to the abundant food (primarily corn) available in harvested grain fields.”

Besides wildlife-watching, visitors can walk and photograph the area and camp in designated areas.

Learn more about Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area HERE.

Take a look at the Crane Cam.



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