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From his statue outside of McKale Center to being the namesake of the award given to the nation’s top Division I player in NCAA, the University of Arizona’s legendary coach, Lute Olson’s impact can be felt from across the entire nation.

But on Aug. 27, the entire basketball world came to a standstill after the North Dakota native passed away at the age of 85.

News 4 Tucson remembers the life of Olson and his impact on the world through a collection of stories, videos and photographs taken throughout his 85 years on this world.


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Name (First) Name (Last) Share your favorite memory about Coach Olson Entry Date
Gabe Molina My one opportunity when I got to meet Coach O was when I was a contractor for SWG. He was there for a special event and there were tons of people who wanted to meet him. I patiently waited for my opportunity. One of the supervisors came up to me and asked me if I was waiting to meet the coach. I said that I was and she walked over to Coach O and whispered in his ear. He told the individual that he was talking with to hold on a minute and he immediately came over to me. He introduced himself and talkEd to me for a few minutes before my photo opportunity. This is the moment I will cherish from the greatest basketball coaches of all time. 8/30/2020 17:54
Ray Sandler My wife and I’m met Coach and Bobbi prior to a Wildcat football game while I was a student. He was warm and friendly. His willingness to talk with anyone who came up to him is something I will never forget. He was not only a great coach but a genuinely warm person and a class act. He made an impression on any person he met. Rest in peace, Lute and who the team in heaven into shape. 8/28/2020 22:28
DeAun Nieto Coach Olson took the time to stop and take a picture with my basketball crazed son. Noah had just taken part in the Lute Olson tournament at Sporting Chance. This is a special memory because Noah passed away this June from Chondroblastic Osteosarcoma.  Basketball was the biggest love in his life and the Wildcats and Coach Olson’s history were a big part of that. 8/28/2020 18:15
Patti Gibson I remember when the Wildcats won the National Championship in 1997.  I loved the whole team and Lute.  I was sitting on my couch, so happy I couldn’t stop crying.  Loved when Bennett Davidson messed up Lute’s hair! 8/28/2020 17:23
Toni Allen My husband and I are Wildcat alums and were at the U of A during Coach Olson’s reign. So many fun, exciting and cherished memories of Wildcat basketball including the national championship. He was bigger than life and such a beloved part of Tucson. While I never met him, a favorite memory was when attending church. As we all stood to greet one another, I turned around and was a bit startled as Lute was right behind me and got to  shake his hand. RIP in peace Lute.  Tell Bobbie we miss her too!❤️ 8/28/2020 17:13
Bryon Binkley Watching UOfA win the championship  thanks for the memories 8/28/2020 17:10
Jose Vasquez We Coach Lute just the fact that he put us on the college basketball MAP FOREVER!!


8/28/2020 15:59
Joaquin Lopez REST IN PEACE,

A true Tucson Icon who brought Unity, Respect, and Commitment to the Community and the Sport.

8/28/2020 13:55
Michael J. Fox In the championship season 1997 playoffs I “had” to visit Maui on a vacation. Of course I followed the Cats as they knocked off team after team. I had a hard time thinking that they would beat Kansas and its powerful team. The game was on the radio and I almost crashed the car I was driving as I heard the final minutes of that game when the Cats won. I had to pull over so I did not crash, I was so excited.

Amazing… amazing… the Arizona teams and of course the great coach. Lute will never be forgotten. Never! RIP from an appreciative Wildcat fan.

8/28/2020 13:32
Heywood Jablowme Bringing a national championship to Tucson in 1997. One of the best moments in the city’s history. 8/28/2020 13:28
Ricky Vazquez I had the honor of meeting Lute at an event hosted by Mr. An.  Lute was nothing short of genuine and humble. May he Rest In Peace. 8/28/2020 13:15
Tony Garcia Thank you for all the winning memories coach!!!  As u stare down from heaven may u continue ur classy winning ways!!!  GO CATS!!!!  MAY YOU REST IN PEACE COACH!!! 8/28/2020 13:12
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