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What’s Driving You Crazy: Leading & Lagging arrows

TUCSON – Ever get confused when you get the “green turn arrow” at an intersection? Sometimes the arrow starts before the green light, for through traffic while others are after.
News 4 Tucson viewer Ray wrote in and said, ” it is confusing and dangerous.” He went on to say especially when he is in the left turn lane, and there’s no arrow after the green light.

The City of Tucson only used leading left-turn arrows until the early 1980’s. But, studies showed that during the day, the lagging arrows were better. These arrows improved progression, reduced delays and lowered the number of crashes.
In other cases, leading arrows were better than lagging arrows. So that is why you still see them.

Usually the leading arrows are at intersections where one direction of traffic needs an arrow, but the opposing direction does not.

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