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What’s Driving You Crazy? Houghton between Irvington and 22nd

TUCSON – Houghton between Irvington and 22nd is What’s Driving You Crazy.
Drivers said, traffic bottlenecks in the morning and evening rush hours, causing a lot of backup.
News 4 Tucson viewer, Deborah wrote in and said,
“Why is this busy stretch being ignored?”
News 4 Tucson’s Allie Potter contacted the Tucson Department of Transportation to find out why.

The Houghton Road corridor spans 13 miles from Interstate-10 to Tanque Verde.
It is one of the corridor projects included in the 2006 voter-approved RTA plan.
Three segments have been completed, and others are in progress.

Houghton Road from Irvington Road to 22nd street is part of the current RTA Houghton Road Corridor Improvement Plan.
This segment is 60 percent complete with design, with an anticipated construction start of 2022.

What’s Driving You Crazy? Email your traffic questions or concerns to Allie Potter

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