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Grant Road now open but small businesses need help

TUCSON – Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild said it best about construction un Tucson — “No one likes it when it is happening but we all love it when it is done.”

After the Grant Road construction completed Phase II of its project, many drivers and business owners can finally rest easy. Eight weeks ago, R&G Tires moved into where LA Tires used to be.

R&G Tires officials said LA Tires were very successful with their business prior to the construction.

“When the construction took over, it put a little toll on them,” said R&G manager, Cornell Brizendine.

It also put a huge toll on Kent’s Tools, located next door.

“Our business fell first by 40 percent, then by 60 percent and then by 80 percent,” said Kent’s Tools owner, Kent Solberg.

The project took 18 months to complete, but R&G only experienced a month of that after they relocated from their Romero and Wetmore location.

“We cannot complain, I mean it’s better than where we were,” said Brizendine.

Solberg told News 4 Tucson that customers are hard to get back but now that phase II is complete, he is hopeful.

“The road is open and people can reach us easily but it has not come back to where it should be,” said Solberg.

R&G Tires reiterated similar sentiments.

“We’re pretty sure we are going to make some good money now that the road is opening,” said Brizendine.

The Grant Road Improvement Project has a total of six phases.

Phases III and IV are currently in the design phase.


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