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Owner not charged after dogs found duct-taped inside hot car in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS (KSDK/CNN) - A disturbing story out of St. Louis. A woman called authorities after she found two dogs locked in a hot car.

Later, they found out those dogs were wrapped in what appears to be plastic wrap.

Pepper baker reports on what happened to the owner.

Rachele Bishop recorded a video of a woman who kept two dogs tied up in duct tape in her car in the Planet Fitness parking lot off of Chippewa in south st. Louis.

Bishop did not want to go on camera, but shared her statement she sent to animal control.

She called the St. Louis Police Department, who dispatched the firefighters because their officers were busy. They found the sunroof of the car open, with two dogs inside that they described were "wrapped up in plastic". One stuck underneath a stroller and blanket, the other under the front seat.

The St. Louis Police Department says according to their 911 notes, animal regulation investigated the incident and determined no crime occurred.

Melanie Wade, who owns a grooming business and rescues dogs, saw the video posted in one of her animal Facebook groups.

"They were taped," Wade said. "Their front legs taped down to their body. Their back taped together. Their back legs taped to them. Their muzzle taped on one dog the other dog had a muzzle on under the front seat of her car.”

Bishop's statement said the woman claimed she taped to dogs up because they'll chew on themselves and to keep them from barking. Once the animal control supervisor arrived, he spoke to the woman for a while and ended up letting her drive off with the dogs.

“It's a crime and if you don’t think it is, let somebody duct tape you, your face, your legs and your hands and stuff you under the seat of a car for 45 minutes in the St. Louis heat in the summer,” Wade said.

The fire department and animal control have not yet responded to requests for comment.

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