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Downtown apartment complex without water for days, according to tenants

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TUCSON (KVOA) - Issues have been growing at a local apartment complex after a new management company bought Cadence in downtown Tucson.

Residents say that overflowing trash, litter and a group of homeless people staying on property are just some of the issues.

The people living here say they somehow tolerated all of those issues, what they could no longer stand is the complex not having water for residents to cook or take a shower.

Apartment Management Consultants is the company that operates Cadence.

Residents reached out to News 4 Tucson saying they haven't had running water since Monday at noon.

"The local people in the management office here were completely indifferent about this, they told us a pack of lies, they told us that it was going to be restored by 2 p.m. or 3 p.m.," Arshad Ali, a Cadence resident said.

Residents say they called the City of Tucson Code Enforcement who sent outcode and fire inspectors.

According to residents we spoke with, that is when the apartment complex had a crew of people come clean up the trash and work on fixing some of the issues.

"After all, the code inspectors have come, they've done their part, we're just in an unsuitable place to live because the water sometimes comes out brown, it sputters, I don't know if I want to trust the water yet," said Ashvin Sriram, a Cadence resident.

According to residents, the water did come back on around 2:30 p.m. Thursday afternoon. That's just over three days without running water.

After reaching out to Cadence and their owner, Apartment Management Consultants, multiple times, they have not gotten back to us for comment.

Other issues residents have been dealing with are a back door that is easily opened from the outside and homeless people have started coming in and staying on the property.

Trash has littered the stairwells and trash chutes are overflowing into the halls.

Bags of human feces have also been seen around the property.

According to residents some of the trash has been cleaned up and they do have running water now, but the rest of the issues are still ongoing.

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Mark Mingura

Mark Mingura joined KVOA as a Multi Media Journalist in October 2019. Originally from the valley and with ties to Tucson, Mark is excited to get back to his home state and tell the stories of the Old Pueblo.

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