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FBI infiltrates ‘bible group’ in connection to Capitol riot, group discussed firearm training

Jan 6
CNN Newsource

WASHINGTON DC (CNN) - Law enforcement analysts say it is clear for some insurrectionists, the attack on the U.S. capitol is not over.

The FBI infiltrated one man's "bible study." Fi duong was at the Jan. 6 Capitol attack.

Court documents reveal Duong's group planned to build make-shift bombs and discussed secession from the U.S., as part of a possible second American Civil War.

Hot in the middle of the Capitol attack, he was there, according to the FBI, with a mask and big ideas.

Fi Duong, officials say, was part of a "bible study" group in Virginia which talked about Molotov cocktails, combat training for an unspecified future attack, and even secession.

"And I think it just does show that many of the terrorist and insurrectionists of January 6 left January 6 believing that it was a victory," Juliette Kayyem, former Department of Homeland Security assistant secretary said.

According to court records, FBI agents first encountered Duong during the riot, then infiltrated his bible group at a private home in February.

Those records say Duong met undercover agents outside a former prison to discuss testing bombs.

He had an AK-47 and five boxes of bomb-building material, and that he said he wrote a manifesto because, "if I get into a gunfight with the feds and I don't make it, I want to be able to transfer as much wisdom to my son as possible."

Authorities say the bible group also discussed surveilling the Capitol amid heightened security to find possible weak points. That is particularly alarming for some Capitol officers calling for better defenses around the Capitol.

"I would hope that they would be taking these threats seriously and paying attention," Michael Fanone, DC Metropolitan Police officer said.

Concerns about conspiracy theories and radical right activism taking root in church communities have grown sharply in the past year.

"It's easier for Christians who already have that belief system to make that jump over into believing that worldview," Pastor James Kendall of Grace Community Church said.

These latest developments can only deepen worries about such rogue factions.

"I think there is probably more of that than we'd like to think around the country," Mike Rogers, former house intelligence chairman said.

"Where are these radicalized individuals and how far are they down this path to radicalization that ultimately ends in violence?" Andrew McCabe, former deputy director of the FBI said. "It's a very, very concerning subject."

So far, Duong has only been charged with entering the capitol on Jan. 6.

He hasn't entered a plea.

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