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Arizona audit observer says she left GOP audit ‘horrified’ over process, procedures

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PHOENIX (KVOA) - Lisa Shacket's ballot is one of more than two million inside the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum that is being recounted during an audit of November's presidential election in Maricopa County.

She said she volunteered to be an observer inside the coliseum for two days.

She said she's alarmed by what's taking place.

"Both days I was there, I left horrified," Shacket said.

Shacket is a registered Democrat who spent years as a precinct and poll worker.

She signed up as an Arizona audit observer after giving three reference letters.

"When I got there the first day," she said, "I was literally told talk to the observers and they'll answer your questions."

Shacket said she and fellow observers in orange T-shirts got no training about the audit process.

"What I heard those table monitors say several times was speed is more important than accuracy," she said.

Observers cannot talk to the green-clad ballot-counters, so Shacket listened.
She also saw audit procedures change from day to day. Shacket believes that is troubling.

"That is why I'm concerned about this," Shacket said. "If it's a true audit, the procedure is the same from beginning to end."

A Maricopa County judge's ruling Wednesday said audit procedures for handling ballots can be made public.

Judge Daniel Martin rejected audit leader Cyber Ninjas' request to keep its procedures a secret.

Senate Republicans audit liaison, Ken Bennett, responded to Lisa Shacket's observations.

"I have personally heard the CEO of (the company running the counting) tell counters that accuracy is more important than speed," Bennett said. "Procedures can (and should) change every day as improvements are identified…There is a five to 10-minute briefing for observers."

Shacket firmly believes in election integrity.

"We have to be confident that the election process is sacred and that it is done according to state law," she said. "Period, the end. And if we don't have that confidence, then we don't have confidence in democracy."

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