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Alabama Senate approves bill that makes hormonal therapy treatment for transgender minors a felony

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (CNN) - Alabama's State Senate has approved a bill that prevents transgender minors from getting treatment.

The legislation would make it a felony for doctors to treat transgender minors with hormonal therapy.

They also would not be allowed to give minors puberty blockers or perform surgery as part of their transition.

Supporters argue minors are not ready to make these kinds of decisions.

But opponents say the decision should be left up to the minor, their parents and a doctor.

"All of these kids have had something happen in their past that maybe led to this feeling," Rep. Shat Shelnutt said. "And like I said, the research shows that, you know, 85 to 90% of these kids grow out of this mature and, you know, don't don't want to continue."

"The hormone treatments and blockers do happen," parent Chris White said. "They are done under careful medical guidance with specialists and psychiatric care as well. So they're making sure their children are well rounded, getting all the help they need from all angles."

The Senate bill now goes to the State House.

The House Judiciary Committee passed a similar bill last week.

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