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Deputy saves 13-year-old after man allegedly took her to motel for sex

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EDGEWATER, Fla. (CNN) - A 13-year-old Florida girl is now safe after a police officer spent hours tracking the man who took her to a motel for sex.

Sheriff's investigators say they found the 13-year-old victim with a 22-year-old Orlando man in an Edgewater motel. Investigators say when the deputy actually got into the room, the victim ran toward him, hugged him, thanked him for saving her.

Deputy Royce James spent hours, with limited information, tracking down this man, 22-year-old Tyler Thompson.

Allegedly in the company of a missing 13-year-old Oak Hill girl who they say Thompson met on snap chat.

After the victim's grandmother called 9-1-1 about the missing girl, Deputy James went to a Dollar General.

A friend of the victim told him she was supposed to be picked up there by the suspect, from Orlando whose name might be T or Tyler.

The friend said the pair was going to a motel.

James saw the girl on store surveillance, but not the suspect.

So he went from one motel to another, showing the girl's photo and looking at check-ins.

Finally a possible match.

Inside the motel room, Deputy James first comforted the distraught child who claimed the suspect had sex with her.

Then called for backup.

The victim was reunited with family after being medically cleared and interviewed.

According to the report, she told Deputy James, "I don't know how I didn't recognize him as a pedophile. He seemed so nice."

Investigators say the suspect declined to talk to them and asked for an attorney. They say he did ask if he could call his mother in Orlando, tell her he was sorry and explain what happened.

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