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One woman beheaded, two others killed after suspected terror attack in France

paris knife attack
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PARIS (AP) — France’s anti-terrorism prosecutor says the Nice attacker, who was born in 1999, was not on the radar of intelligence agencies as a potential threat.

Jean-Francois Ricard detailed the gruesome scene inside the church where a man and woman were killed by the attacker Thursday. The third victim, a 44-year-old woman who managed to flee, died at a nearby restaurant.

A 60-year-old woman whose body was found at the entry of the church, suffered “a very deep throat slitting, like a decapitation,” Ricard said. The 55-year-old man also died after deep cuts to his throat.

An investigation was opened for murder and attempted murder in connection with a terrorist enterprise, a common term for such crimes.

A Muslim holy book and two telephones were among the things found on the attacker. Also found was the knife used in the attack, with a 17-centimeter (6.7-inch) blade, Ricard said. A bag with the attacker's personal affairs was found to contain another two unused knives.

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