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Texas deputy dubbed a hero after saving choking baby

texas choke
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HOUSTON (CNN) - Day to day, hour to hour, there are all kinds of calls police or sheriff's deputies get.

Often, it's a call to save a life.

That's what happened to a deputy in Texas recently and now he's being hailed a hero.

Body camera footage from Sept. 18 shows a 20-day old baby boy in distress.

The first law enforcement officer on scene is Deputy Adam Dodson of Brazos County Sheriff's Office.

"So i went ahead and flipped the baby over on his stomach," he said. "His chest on my forearm, and began giving back strikes to the baby."

A neighbor helped translate the parents cries for help.

Dodson remained laser-focused on helping as best he could, before paramedics arrived on-scene.

"With where the parents were currently, and how distraught they were and emotional, I knew that somebody had to be there to remain," Dodson said. "I don't want to necessarily say strong, but i would say maintain composure, and I had a job to do."

Dodson says he learned the lifesaving techniques in the academy, and again when he became a father to his daughter.

As for being called a life-saver and a hero, the deputy brushed off the praises, saying he was just doing his job.

"I was the first person there that could help the child," he said. "I did what I thought was right and what I thought that most people or the abundance of people would do."

The sheriff's office says Dodson's actions "unquestionably saved" the baby's life.

His department awarded him the life saving medal.


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