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Texas dad shows off dance moves to lift spirits of son during his battle with leukemia

dancing dad
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DALLAS/FORT WORTH (CNN) - Coronavirus-related restrictions at hospitals are making it hard for patients' loved ones to spend time with them during their treatments.

That lack of closeness makes being ill even more difficult than usual, but families around the world are finding work-arounds.

One father in Fort Worth came up with a creative and entertaining way to connect with his son while the boy receives chemotherapy.

Usually when you see a dancing, it is usually inspired by loud music. But for Chuck Yielding, acknowledgment from his son from is all he really needs.

"We get out here and try and communicate the best we can," Yielding said.

Aiden Yielding, 14, is receiving chemo treatment at Cook Children's in Fort Worth for leukemia.

Because of COVID-19 rules only one parent is allowed inside-- and since Aiden's mom works at the hospital, she was the clear choice.

Even clearer though is the fact that dad wasn't going to be to far away.

So every Tuesday during breaks in between treatment, Chuck finds the nearest window to his son, and he dances for him.

"It's funny watching him figuring out all that he is going to do," Aiden said. "Yup. It just cheers me up sometimes."

And that's the goal.

"Just anything to bring his spirits up a little bit, and let him know he is not alone," Chuck said. "We are with him."

When he can muster enough strength Aiden dances back, mirroring his father's disco moves from three stories up.

"It makes me feel like he is there, you know?" Aiden said. And I dunno he's just a funny guy."

Lori yielding is Aiden's mom.

"Family is everything togetherness is everything" Lori said. "But even when you can't be together as a whole family as a unit, you find ways that you can."

So come rain, shine or even extreme heat this dad isn't going anywhere because that reaction is priceless and it proves this family will be dancing to their own beat forever.

Aiden goes home after his treatment.

It's just on Tuesdays that his father can't be with him.


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