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UA leaders say COVID-19 positivity rate is down as city councilman urges university to test all students

TUCSON (KVOA) - University of Arizona President Robert Robbins revealed Monday that he may have been exposed to COVID-19 within the last several days.

Robbins said in a campus re-entry briefing he is awaiting some test results.

The university said 100 students who previously tested positive for the virus left the isolation dorms over the weekend.

At this time, the numbers on campus show more than 300 students who have COVID-19 are in isolation with 75 positive cases isolating off campus.

"Nobody who's positive gets on a plane or a train or leaves the community," Dr. Richard Carmona, the former U.S. Surgeon General who is leading the U of A re-entry plan, "but if their mom and dad are in the community and they can take them to the house and they agree to do that, then we're okay with that but we are limiting travel.

Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik tells News 4 Tucson he knows some of those students in the high rise apartments just off campus are testing positive at north of 30 percent. Kozachik said other students who may have been exposed to the virus are leaving the area.

"It was a Sunday evening and many of them were heading off to the airport to pick up their roommates who had in fact flown home for the weekend," Kozachik said. "When I hear people say that people are 'going home', that's also not accurate."

Robbins said Monday a party of more than 300 students was broken up one night last week.

He said some students who've tested positive are not being safe.

"We've had some of our students in the isolation dorms not follow the rules," Robbins said. "I won't say it surprises me but it frustrates me."

Kozachik argues the university should test every student regardless of where they live.

"Whether you're on campus or off campus, you're affecting this community," he said. "The responsible thing for the university to do would be to require testing of all students before they participate in classes whether that's in person or virtually."

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