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Arizona deputy’s bodycam captures dramatic UTV rescue

NBC News Channel

(KPNX/NBC News)  Body camera video shows the frantic moments after a UTV crash at an Arizona campground left a woman with traumatic injuries.

The video shows deputy Coconino County Sheriff's Deputy Andrew Luna speaking with campers during the Labor Day weekend when a UTV rolled over nearby. What followed were shouts for help and screaming as the deputy ran to the crash.

The victim of the crash and the driver of the UTV was 19-year-old Lidia Almeida.

“I was basically holding my whole arm in my hand,” Almeida says.  “My shirt was full of blood. My pants were full of blood.”

Almeida can be heard asking “Do you think I’m going to die?” as Luna called for a medic.

The crash severed Almeida's arm below the elbow. It was later amputated.

Almeida said the UTV had a seatbelt, but it didn’t have window nets. 

UTV expert Josh Rich says a window net likely would’ve kept Almeida from reaching her arm out of the window.

“If she would’ve had that net window, I think it would’ve saved her from putting her arm out or having her arm extended to where it wouldn’t have gotten caught under the UTV," he explains.

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