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Don’t argue with anti-maskers, CDC warns stores

To argue or not to argue? When it comes to anti-maskers-- don't argue. That's what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending to retail and service employees.

It's part of new guidance that came out this week on limiting workplace violence.

And there's a special section on how to prevent violence that might be aimed at workers trying to enforce their companies' COVID-19 safety procedures.

Something that's already happened multiple times at stores around the country.

The CDC says, if someone doesn't want to wear a mask, don't argue with them, especially if they make threats or become violent.

They also suggested businesses look into conflict-resolution training for their workers, security cameras, and pick out special areas in the store where they can go to if they don't feel safe.

Earlier this month, a video of a mask dispute at a grocery store put Tucson into the national spotlight.

A video of a mask dispute at a Sprouts located at 3860 W. River Rd. near Orange Grove caught national attention after TMZ shared a report covering the exchange on its website.

Originally shared by a Twitter user known as Fifty Shares of Whey, the video reportedly showed a man yell profanities inside the grocery store, expressing frustration over people using masks.

DISCLAIMER: The video contained profanity and may not be suitable for all audiences.


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