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California man drowns after trying to save kids he had not met before

California man
CNN Newsource

REEDLEY, Calif. (CNN) - A tragic accident left a 28-year-old man dead and an 8-year-old girl hospitalized Wednesday.

It happened at the Kings River in Reedley, Calif.

The man had jumped into the water to try to help the girl and two other kids who got into trouble.

The fire department pulled the man and girl out of the water.

A witness near the scene says he pulled another girl out.

"I seen the girls yelling, and I know they were playing, but they were going under the bridge already," the witness said. "So I came running down the bridge, and I seen them get one girl out, and I was trying to catch up to the other little girl."

The man who lost his life trying to help the children was not related to any of them.


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