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Coronavirus may impact some local businesses

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TUCSON - Dataforth Corporation is a company that specializes in manufacturing electrical parts for various industries.

Georg Haubner is the vice president of sales and marketing for Dataforth, where roughly 10 percent of the company's business is with China.

"Initially it was concerning but based on conversations with our distributors in China, we determined that we will not be affected shipping products to China," Haubner said. "We always plan well ahead of time so we consider our sales channel and our supply well prepared for the coming weeks."

Delta, United and American Airlines all halted flights to and from China on Friday.

Dick Walden, the President and CEO of Farmers Investment Co., owns the Green Valley Pecan Farm.

He's concerned about how the Coronavirus may impact the economic climate across the world.

In a statement to News 4 Tucson, Walden writes:

"We are obviously concerned about the public health and global economic impacts of the Coronavirus. China is the second largest economy in the world, just behind the US. From its actions, China is obviously quite worried about the spread and resulting impacts of this virus. China is restricting travel internally as well as to and from the country which will have significant global economic impacts. While FICO does not do a lot of business directly with China, the country is a major player in the global pecan market. A reduction in demand from China will impact us all. Also, this issue underscores why we should be careful about using tariffs and trade wars to address domestic politics. The global economy is facing many challenges such as the Coronavirus without also having to respond to those created solely for symbolic political reasons."

Dick Walden, the President and CEO of Farmers Investment Co.
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