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Vaping could worsen coronavirus response in teens

(KPRC/NBC News) As the coronavirus pandemic continues, doctors have a better idea of who could suffer from COVID-19.  Although kids and teens typically do well, they’re now finding those who have ever smoked cigarettes or e-cigarettes are seven times more likely to get the virus.

Baylor College of Medicine pediatrician Dr. Lindy McGee says lung damage can happen right away when vaping. Plus, the chemicals irritate the lungs and can cause immediate effects on the cardiovascular system, which can lead to coronavirus complications, no matter how young and otherwise healthy the patient is.

“I’m absolutely concerned. Just logic will tell you there’s no way that doesn’t put you at increase risk for more severe disease,” Dr. McGee says.

She says one explanation on why these teens are catching the virus more frequently is because of the aerosol expelled when vaping.

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