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GOP senators play with fidget spinners during Trump impeachment trial

WASHINGTON (NBC News) - As Democratic House members presented their opening statements to the senate during the impeachment of President Donald Trump some senators used toys and or games to pass the time.

According to reports, North Carolina GOP senator, Richard Burr handed out fidget spinners to several of his colleagues.

The small toys were spotted on many senators' desks, and sketch artists captured some playing with them during the hearings.

Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas was seen playing with a spinner during comments from Rep. Zoe Lofgren of California.

He also frequently made gestures and playfully chuckled with Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa.

Some senators like Sen. Collins of Maine and Sen. Murkowski of Alaska were spotted listening and taking notes.

According to reports, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky was seen drawing or tracing a sketch of the capitol and one report said he had a crossword puzzle stuffed in with his papers.

Marsha Blackburn was seen reading a book and underlining a passage in it.

These could be considered violations of Senate rules which provide that senators must sit silently and listen to arguments during an impeachment trial.

NBC News

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