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GA: Man apologizes for slapping reporter’s backside

A man in Savannah, Georgia is apologizing for groping a female reporter's backside on live television.

It happened while station WSAV was covering the Enmarket Savannah Bridge run on Saturday.

The footage shows one of the runners slapping reporter Alex Bozarjian's backside during her live shot.

The runner, Thomas Callaway, later gave an interview to the station to say he was sorry.

"I’m thankful for this opportunity to share my apology to her and to her family, her friends and her co-workers. It was an awful act and an awful mistake,” Callaway said. “I am not that person that people are portraying me as. I make mistakes, I’m not perfect and I’m asking for forgiveness and to accept my apology."

Despite the apology, Callaway is banned from any future events organized by Savannah's Sports Council.

He's also facing possible charges after the reporter filed a police report.

CNN Newsource

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