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GRAPHIC: SC dog shot in the face with an arrow survives

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) – A South Carolina veterinary office and animal rescue are helping a dog who was found shot in the head with an arrow and found by a family who wanted to help her.

A Calhoun County family found their recently adopted 5-month-old puppy Loca on their back porch with an arrow in her head. The family took her to a veterinarian and X-rays show that the arrow, thankfully, missed her brain.

Paws and Claws Animal Clinic in Columbia is currently taking care of Loca, who is now recovering after the arrow was surgically removed from her body Tuesday night.

“We were shocked when we saw her X-rays and saw that the arrow somehow miraculously missed her brain, her esophagus and BARELY missed her spine! She is the luckiest unlucky girl in the world. We ran bloodwork and got her BP down to where we felt safe enough to remove the arrow,” the veterinary clinic said in an emotional Facebook post on Tuesday.

“Loca did great through and after surgery. She is stable and continues to amaze us with how she has handled this whole situation.”

The clinic’s posts showing Loca’s progress are gaining a lot of attention from animal lovers everywhere.

Good news for Loca, she will be able to return to her family on Wednesday.

If you have any information on who did this, please call the Calhoun Police Department at (803)-874-2741. A group has also joined together for a $1,500 reward for answers.

WARNING: All of the images in the clinic’s Facebook post are graphic. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. You can see the Facebook post here.

Paws & Claws Animal Clinic


The clinic has also posted a second video post-surgery.

Update video Loca says hey to everyone and thanks you all for the kind words and support. She is feeling much better now. She says it still feels weird and I make strange noises with this thing in my nose to keep my nasal passage open while I heal, but I know it’s going to help me.

Posted by Paws & Claws Animal Clinic on Tuesday, January 22, 2019



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