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N4T Investigators: Search continues for dog that escaped local kennel service

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TUCSON (KVOA) - The desperate search continues for Toni, the small chihuahua that has been missing for nearly two months, after escaping from the Dawg House Boarding and Daycare service on Stone Ave. 

The News 4 Tucson Investigators met again with Toni’s owner Paola Camacho who is holding on to hope.

At her home, it looks as if Toni never left. One of the first things you see as you walk through the front door is Toni’s dog bed and food and water bowl. The bed is made as if he’s ready to be home, the food and water bowl are full. 

But that is far off from how everything feels for Paola. 

“We would take him out every afternoon for a walk. We would be here, he would run in the yard. I know it’s going to sound like I'm jealous, but I hate seeing people happy with their dogs. Thanks to someone else's negligence I don’t have mine, it’s hard,” Paola said through tears. 

Last month the News 4 Tucson Investigators told you how Toni was able to escape the Dawg House Daycare and Boarding while Paola was on vacation. She said she only found out he was gone when she called, the daycare didn’t call her to let her know. She said nearly two months later they have still not been returning her calls. 

“They don’t want to have any contact with me, that only corroborates they couldn’t care less,” Paola said. 

In June we got a hold of Dawg House owner Chris Manus on the phone, he said he has nothing to say and hung up.  

On Monday we again tried speaking with him. He hung up the phone as soon as News 4 Tucson’s Chorus Nylander identified himself. 

Paola, with the help of friends, put up around 200 fliers, however, the recent storms have washed them all away. 

“It’s like we never posted anything,” Paola said. 

Paola says Toni is micro-chipped. She regularly checks with local shelters like the Humane Society of Southern Arizona without any luck, but the Humane Society said she has every reason to hold on to hope. 

“We have had cases where dogs get loose, somebody finds them, never thinks to get them scanned for a microchip, may not be on social media doesn’t know they need to contact the local shelters to let them know, and then a month, two months, a year, three years down the road, that animal gets loose from them and ends up at a shelter. That microchip is scanned and we are able to reunite that dog with its owner. We have had that happen a few times,” Michelle Kleckner with the Humane Society said. 

Paola hasn’t lost hope. 

“Even if you’re treating him well just know there’s a family who's heart is breaking every day he’s not with us,” Paola said. 

If you have any information about where Toni maybe call Paola at 520-991-6428. 

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Chorus Nylander

Chorus Nylander is the Chief Investigative Reporter for News 4 Tucson. He is focused on giving the voiceless a voice and holding the powerful accountable.

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