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N4T Investigators: Man with history of seizures and collisions just crashed another car

TUCSON – A man who posted on social media about having seizures and crashing cars just had another seizure and crashed another car.

The News Four Tucson Investigators reported on his social media posts and collisions last year.

In July, he crashed another car. He told an officer he crashed 11 cars because of his medical condition, according to the police report.

It appears he followed the laws that apply to epilepsy and driving. People who have seizures cannot drive for 90 days and are supposed to report seizures to the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division.

MVD confirmed the man had a valid license at the times of his most recent crashes.

Photo of one of the crashed cars / Facebook
Photo of one of the crashed cars / Facebook

The man even provided medical forms that showed a doctor approved him to drive again.

Dr. David Labiner is the head of neurology at the University of Arizona and a physician at Banner UMC. He said the driver may have followed the laws, and his doctors may have used common sense when approving him to drive.

“There is a movement in other places that says that maybe the law should be a little stricter,” Labiner said. “I am not one who adheres to that because when the rules are followed, public safety is managed in a way that I think is an acceptable trade-off. We don’t restrict a lot of people to drive because they are potentially unsafe.”

Labiner said people with epilepsy are statistically better drivers than young men, but this driver may want to stay off the road, no matter what the law says.

“Somebody who has been in repeated seizure-related accidents probably has no business driving, and I’m an advocate of people with epilepsy driving,” Labiner said.

In his most recent crash, the man was charged with reckless driving because of his medical history. He just went to court, and the case was continued to a later date. He said he is optimistic about the outcome.

Sam Salzwedel

Sam Salzwedel

Sam Salzwedel is an investigative reporter at News 4 Tucson - KVOA.
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