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N4T Investigators: Satellite TV installer indicted

TUCSON – “He’s a thief. He scammed many people out of money,” said Veronica Todd.

“I’m just disgusted that he would do that,” Sylvia Sherry told the News 4 Tucson Investigators.

The Arizona attorney general said Sherry and Todd are among 12 Arizona residents who were defrauded out of a total of $31,522 by a satellite TV installer for audio and video equipment he never delivered. It is a story the News 4 Tucson Investigators first reported last year after we went to several area homes looking for the installer, Donni Diaz. Attorney General Mark Brnovich has announced that Diaz has been indicted by a grand jury on eight counts of fraudulent schemes and artifices and one count of theft.

Todd says Diaz’ alleged crimes, “Absolutely anger me. That was hard earned money. We paid him money for a job that we never received.”

Todd and her husband have a mini-sports bar in their Sahuarita home, but they say that’s no thanks to Diaz. Veronica says the couple ordered seven TV’s from Diaz and he delivered two. The indictment says the Todds paid Diaz $11,500.

The A.G. says the 37-year-old Diaz was a sole proprietor who occasionally operated under the business name of Elite Audio Visual Telecommunications. While Diaz was at customer’s homes to install dishes he’d allegedly tell them he could get them a great deal on a new TV. After they paid him, investigators say, he’d disappear.

Sherry says, “He’s got to have jail time. He’s not going to stop unless someone really puts him in prison.”

While Diaz was at Sherry’s home in Vail to install a dish, he sold her a big screen TV and a sound bar for $2300.  She says she got nothing. We asked her, “If you saw Donnie Diaz what would you say to him?” She said, “I’d say, ‘I’m really disappointed in you Donnie. You’re not what I thought you’d be.”  Sherry says before she paid him, Diaz came across as “a nice guy.:”

Veronica Todd says, “I think justice is going to be served in the form of jail or prison time.”

Both women won civil lawsuits against Diaz, and they say he didn’t pay them. Now with the grand jury indictment, the attorney general says he will seek restitution, to eventually force Diaz to pay up. Diaz’ whereabouts are unknown and he did not return our calls. We will keep you posted as this case goes through the courts.

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Matthew Schwartz

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