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N4T Investigators: Social Security scams rising fast

TUCSON – According to new statistics from the Federal Trade Commission one social security scam has grown by nearly 1,000%.

Costing people nationwide more than 10 million dollars.

“In the old days people needed a ski mask and a gun to steal all your valuables and steal all your money from you. Now all they need is a phone or a computer,” said Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

Law enforcement officials say that while the scam has several variations, they all fit a general pattern.

Scammers call pretending to be someone from the Social Security Administration. They then say that your account has been suspended because of suspicious activity and that they need your social security number to re-activate it.

“Whether it’s somebody claiming to be from the IRS or someone claiming to be from the Social Security Administration federal agencies are not gonna call you,” said Brnovich.

Two other scams are also popping up in increasing numbers.

FTC officials say scammers have also started sending out fake Netflix emails. The emails are an attempt to get personal information by claiming that your account has been suspended.

Fake website scams feature the biggest numbers by far. The Better Business Bureau says the more than 1.4 million fake websites are being created each month.

Experts say the websites work by getting people to make purchases or by giving up personal information.


Nick VinZant

Nick VinZant

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