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N4T Investigators: Businesses warned after vending thefts

TUCSON – Several southern Arizona law enforcement agencies say they are all looking for a vending machine burglar that has stolen from machines all over Tucson.

“He’s going into open buildings looking at the vending machines making sure nobody is around and then he is using the key to enter the vending machine. Not to steal the product but to actually take the cash,” said Cindy Spasoff with the University of Arizona Police Department.

Spasoff says the thief was seen on surveillance video stealing from a vending machine near the Student Union.

Suspect wanted in connection to vending machine burglary at the Student Union Memorial Center on Dec.9,2018. Courtesy: University of Arizona Police Department

Business owners have also reported multiple thefts at bars, restaurants and bowling alleys.

Famous Sams owner Michael Kelly says the man stole near $400 dollars from his bar.

“It was wow. You don’t expect someone to break into a change machine in mid-day,” Kelly said. “He was pretty good at what he did.”

UA police describe the man as being between the ages of 25 and 30, 5’11’ and 170 lbs.

Nick VinZant

Nick VinZant

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