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N4T Investigators: Tracking Offenders

TUCSON – Police are tracking sex offenders all over the city, including intersections.

At the interchange of Congress Street and Interstate 10, 3 sex offenders are registered. A homeless man with a history of child molestation and failing to register is registered at Grant and Craycroft Roads.

Sienna Yarab’s bus stop is near Speedway Boulevard and Kolb road where an offender is registered.

“I’m here every day,” Yarab said, “and it’s like I’m alone. I get scared just walking out of my house at night.”

Tucson Police regularly check on all offenders, including homeless people. Officers can often arrange a meeting with them because they have mobile phones.

Timothy Hughes is Chief Deputy United States Marshal for the District of Arizona. His agency supports local departments with their compliance checks.

“We care about families,” Hughes said. “And there is nothing that harms a family more than harming their smallest member.”

Congress passed the Adam Walsh Act in 2006. Until then, offenders would often move to other states to bypass state registration laws. Now they have to register across the country, and marshals are often responsible for finding them if they do not follow the law.

“We didn’t want sex offenders looking for safe zones,” Hughes said. “We wanted to make sure everywhere they went that they had to register, that they were being watched, and they knew that if they broke the law again, they were going to jail.”

Sex offenders can be searched on the Arizona Department of Public Safety website.

Ala Errebhi

Ala Errebhi

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