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N4T Investigators: Phoney Filing?

TUCSON – When Florence Capasso got the bill in the mail she couldn’t believe it.

“I say what the heck is this,” said Capasso.

Capasso says that back in May she got a package containing arm, back and leg braces.

Since she didn’t order it or need it Capasso says she sent it back.

Shortly after she says she got another letter in the mail, this one saying that Medicare had bad the bill for the medical supplies she sent back.

In all the bill totaled nearly $1,700.

“I don’t want Medicare fraud. We need our Medicare and I don’t want to see people stealing,” said Capasso.

“We sent all the papers everything in, nothing ever happened,” said Capasso’s husband James Capasso.

Medicare officials are trying to cut down on instances of fraud and identity theft.

At an event in September, officials with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid announced they would soon be sending out new cards.

The cards would no longer have people’s social security numbers on them.

“This is a step forward to try and secure security for our seniors,” said Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild at the event.

News 4 Tucson Investigators contacted Medicare about the Capasso’s bill. They are currently looking into what happened.


Kyle Kiel

Kyle Kiel

Storm Track 7 Morning Meteorologist
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