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Romero to use American Rescue Plan dollars for community safety, violence interruption efforts

TUCSON (KVOA) - Over the time span of the pandemic, Tucson, like many other cities, has had an increase in gun-related violence.

In response to this issue, Tucson Mayor Regina Romero announced a plan to invest at least $7 million in community safety, health and wellness, and violence interruption programs on Wednesday.

“Like other inequities exacerbated by the pandemic, gun violence has been most acute in parts of our city that are also areas of historic disinvestment, poverty, and lack of affordable housing," Romero said. "Gun violence is as much an issue of community safety as it is one of equity, disproportionately affecting economically distressed neighborhoods.”  

Back in June, the Biden Administration explained eligible uses of American Rescue Plan dollars. That includes community safety and violence interruption.

Romero has also developed a Gun Violence Prevention Taskforce, made up of diverse community leaders, aimed at reducing gun violence.

“The framework I have proposed takes a holistic and preventative approach to addressing gun violence by investing in violence interruption efforts, youth employment and programming, workforce development, and mental health and substance use disorder services," Romero said.

According to a press release, funding for this proposal will come from the "City of Tucson's American Rescue Plan allocation."

Romero plans to use that money for the following:

  • Community Violence Intervention (CVI) programs
  • Youth employment and programming
  • Workforce development and apprenticeship programs
  • Mental health and substance use disorder services

Meleny Gradillas

Meleny Gradillas is the evening Digital Content Specialist at News 4 Tucson. She was previously a Quintern at the station since 2017.

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