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Tucsonan to star in Indie film ‘American Desert’

TUCSON (KVOA) - Tucson native Will Brandt is starring in an Indie film called "American Desert".

The film will premiere at the Brooklyn Film Festival on June 5. You can also watch the film online during the festival with a virtual pass.

In the film, Brandt plays Matt Benning, a combat veteran, who finds himself entangled "in a dangerous web of drugs, violence, and toxic love".


It's 2010, Matt Benning (Will Brandt), has returned from Afghanistan to a wrecked economy. Demons of war haunt him, a romance blossoms, all as he drags his unwilling soul to normalcy. But for him, destiny is no cookie-cutter house. A vortex of drug use and violence corners him into working for a psychopathic meth dealer. His only escape then becomes surrendering to the majestic and unforgiving isolation of the American Desert.

Watch trailer here:

Will Brandt is known for his roles in TV series Animal Kingdom (2016) and Jane the Virgin (2014).

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